Individualization of the brand, as well as the person, begins with the name – an accurate, successful, original name that reflects the essence of the company’s activities. But a graphic image can make it more prominent and interesting. So let’s talk about the logo of the company. It is extremely important at all stages of creating and running a business, it forms an image, an association that defines the corporate style and identity of the company.


Tasks of the logo

It’s not so difficult to distinguish between competitors, as it seems at first glance to those who only open the world of business for themselves. Start a business with a name, and designing a logo will be the beginning of a new representation. Thanks to a text or a purely graphic logo you will be able to achieve the following achievements:

Do you still doubt that designing a company logo is an important part of business success? Then, at last, a few statistics: brands that are simple and understandable, with creative and informative logos, receive 37% more revenue per year than firms that do not consider it necessary to create a logo. Striking? Then let’s understand how to bring a crowd of customers with a trademark, after which we will only have to order a logo for the company of interesting and contemporary design.


The process of creating a logo

An extremely important topic is how to create a logo for a company that would work for you for many years. We offer a universal algorithm of actions, using which, you can hit the exact target in all parameters. The visual symbol, which is the logo, is formed in several stages:

  1. Brief, It describes the activities of the company, the visitor’s vision of the logo.
  2. Research. Having received information from the customer, it is expedient to study the behavior of the target audience, their reaction to the logos of competitors.
  3. Concept. Working out of the general concept at the expense of the creation of associations and sketches.
  4. Draft variants. This is a peculiar field of choice for the customer, where exactly there is the same strong, eye-catching logo design.
  5. Ready-made option. Among the several alternatives, the customer selects the one he/she likes, evaluates them. Peculiar feedback allows you to catch the most delicate wishes and create a really cool logo.

The formula for an effective logo for a rapidly developing business is individuality, simplicity, and clarity, attractiveness, and relevance. That’s how we develop signs that buyers recognize, symbols that tell a company without words, images that shape the image of the company and cause its name to sound loud.


Using the logo

Well, we already figured out what it is such a business-designer miracle – the logo, with what it is eaten and where they are looking. It’s time to learn how to use the mark to the maximum. As a business begins with a name, the image starts with the logo, and the continuation must be no less vivid than the first achievements. Branded products, printing materials, even transport attract attention. In addition, the logo on the graph on the Internet indicates the affiliation information to a particular company. Be sure to display the logo on the corporate website, create a fundamental corporate culture that will be based on the firm image.

Yes, without a successful company determinant among the competitors, it is quite difficult to live in a dynamic and rigid environment of modern business. We are able to ease your path from single sales to the first million. Refer to professionals who create not only a logo but a true story under the sign of your company – a collaborative work for the best results!

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